Saturday, February 23, 2008


Wendy at COPD-Caregiving Is NOT For Wimps! tagged me for a meme. That means I'm suposed to answer some questions about myself.

If you could do anything you want to, what would it be?
If you could paint the (whole) world one color what would it be?
Would you rather be an animal or a person?
If you said animal, which one?
Add your own question.

1. If I could do anything I wanted, I would effectively persuade the United States Government to stop all torture of prisoners and refuse to participate in extradition. Mother Jones showed up in my mailbox today, the whole issue on torture by the USA. I hang my head in sadness over our conduct.

2. I'd paint the world the color of sunlight. Except at night.

3. I'd rather be a person. A person who knows she is an animal and treats her body accordingly. This morning I was thinking my body would probably like to be taken out for a walk, every day.

4. If I were to be an animal, I'd like to be Luna, my cat. Just for a few days. Then I could return to myself and understand her better. You know, like in those movies where the moms and daughters switch roles.

5. My question: If you could give someone a single book, excluding religious texts, to help them with their life, what would it be? A few years back I gave both my kids a book called A Life of One's Own by Joanna Field. I don't believe either of them has read it.

Edit: Wendy commented with the reminder that I was supposed to tag 5 others as part of this meme. OK. OK. (for some reason I feel a bit shy about doing it) I tag Fran at Sacred Ordinary, Cheryl of Art In Everyday, Marianne at Busha Full of Grace, Elaine at Miss Elaine-ous Life, and Taru at Powerful Aging. These are all wonderful women with diverse styles. Check them out.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is In the Air

Today is our Anniversary! Sam and I got engaged 11 years ago. We got married 3 years ago. This SoulCollage card can't begin to capture his quirky personality, but it does show his big loves: spirituality, biking, music, photography, and Luna (our cat). To those loves I better add myself, his kids, his sister and brother, my family, his ex-wife, all our friends, the biking buddies, cats and dogs, trees. He does catch and release for spiders and winces when I cut flowers. He's got a huge heart.

Hugs and kisses, Sam. And hugs and kisses to all you friends and family that make our life rich with support and friendship.

Happy Valentine's Day to all readers of this blog. May love flow in your life today and every day.


Sunday, February 3, 2008


I got a phone call today. It was Jim LeCroy, a fellow graduate of Arlington Heights High School, class of 1959. He had news for me. Good news. Long story short: he had found out the whereabouts of Emily Lunday, my former journalism teacher. I wrote recently on my other blog, SoulCollage talkabout, about what Mrs. Lunday meant to me. What I didn’t say was that I was making a very serious effort to find her.

Of course I started with Google. Nothing. I called the Fort Worth (Texas) school district; they couldn’t tell me anything without a social security number. I joined Net Detective (a complete bust - they don't even have me). I knew my best hope was former students of hers; she was really a wonderful mentor. So I began asking the few folks I still knew in Fort Worth. My friend, Kaye D. Thornton, had worked under her and was good at keeping up with people. Kaye put me in touch with Jim who recently had dinner with Bill Adams who was also looking for Mrs. Lunday and had some information. Her name is now Emily Lunday Garrett. With that name, Google came through. Ms. Garrett was honored (in 2004) for starting Women in New Roles at Tarrant County College back in 1978. Bill even had an address for her.

Emily Lunday Garrett probably doesn’t remember me. Forty-nine years is a long time. But not too long to say, “I remember you. You really made a difference in my life. Thank you."

That letter is in the mail!

Edit: To see a follow-up of this post see post March 30, 2008