Friday, January 29, 2010

My Hero

Dear Reader,

I don't usually say that I have heroes. I admire people. I like people. I even love lots of people. But heroes? I would usually say, "I can't really think of anyone."

But recently I found mention of a book: I Am The Central Park Jogger, and remembered I do have a hero! I immediately checked out the book at the Ashland Library.

Many of you may remember reading, in April of 1989, of The Central Park Jogger's successful struggle to stay alive after a brutal beating in Central Park in New York. I read of her success at returning to work, her courage in taking the stand at the contentious trial of her alleged attackers.

I think it was her refusal to die, her refusal to be apathetic in the face of tremendous challenges that made her a hero to me. She inspired me to take my own life more seriously, to recognize the preciousness of life and the courage and effort it can sometimes require to choose hope and possibility (the subtitle of the book). Reading Trisha's book (that's her name: Trisha Meili) really deepened my admiration and renewed my own commitment to choose Life.

Her privacy now seems less important to her than telling her story of recovery and growth. What a gift to us all. Someone saying, "This is what I experienced, and I'm okay."

Many, many thanks, Trisha. Reading your story reminds me that "being okay" is a choice. It's a choice I can make in the face of a aching knee or a hurting heart or just a "boring" wait in the grocery line.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ActiveWords! Yes!

My right arm's been achy from way too many mouse clicks. I was looking for more short cuts and found something fabulous. ActiveWords.

ActiveWords is a computer application you download that saves you time as well as wear and tear on the body. You can try it for two months free to see if it fits your needs. At $49.95 (for personal use) I consider it a bargain.

Here is what it does: creates keyboard short cuts for everything you do, from opening web pages and documents to creating formatted letter to correcting your (my!) bad spelling. I found it easy to use, and the support is terrific should you need help.

When using ActiveWords you also are using your own memory because you are memorizing the shortcuts (of course they are available - easily - if you forget). I've found the whole ActiveWords experience to be a lot of fun because it's a creative learning experience with a great payoff: faster computing, improved memory, and shoulders and arms that say "Thanks, that really helped."

Friday, January 1, 2010

What Should I Do With My Life?

Well, my sabbatical has been cut short. I just have too much to say! I really miss having a place to rave about my latest LOVE - book, idea, website, etc. For example, the book I just finished by Po Bronson entitled What Should I Do With My Life? It is fascinating series of interviews with folks who asked themselves that profound question. Bronson tells us their stories, along with his own.

My favorite story was the last one about Deni Leonard, a Native American born on the Warm Springs tribal lands here in Oregon.

To quote Po Bronson regarding Leonard:

"He's spawning an entire parallel economy, using sources of capital you didn't
know existed, building factories and power plants you'll never see, onland
and in neighborhoods you'll never do to. and selling the output to
customers youdidn't know were buying. If it continues to grow according to
plan, it will slow or reverse the migration away from will
diversify Native Americans away from their reliance on gambling
will restore lost will bring jobs to inner will
teach young people will give tribes an identity they can
be proud of. "

I was so inspired by this one man enterprise that I googled Deni Leonard. I wanted to know how things were turning out. Yikes! According the San Francisco Chronicle Leonard's company(s) had gone under. This doesn't make Bronson's book irrelevant. Things change. Perhaps Deni Leonard is starting this new decade asking "What should I do with my life?"