Monday, June 22, 2009


  • I'm on leave. Yes, my posts have become fewer and my visits to other blogs rare. Finally I realized that my involvement with Embodied Life and Focusing have preempted my blog writing/reading time.
  • A year off? Or five years off? I don't know yet. Yet I'm still involved with Embodied Aging because I'm embodied and I'm aging. The SoulCollage card at left seemed an appropriate image to leave for visitors.
Please enjoy the wonderful post by my mother and the one on marriage by both my parents. My mom and dad serve as marvelous models for me as I grow older. They are both 91 and full of interest about the world and fully engaged with their children, grandchildren, and friends.
  • There are fabulous blogs listed on the side bar. Enjoy the entertainment and wisdom you find there.
June 22, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tree Lives!

Yes! I checked on the oak tree we gave up for adoption last fall. Story here. It is leafing out right on schedule and looks quite content in it's new home. Big sigh of relief. Photos of the move are here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle Dreamed a Dream

Susan Boyle - yesterday a woman with a dream - today a star!

If you haven't seen her performance on youtube here is the link: or just google Susan Boyle. (The youtube video has had over a million views.)

I especially loved it because I think it touches something very deep in us, the awareness that our appearance doesn't define us. This video shows how easily we forget that. We know that we are so much more that our ordinary looks or lapses of memory. It's thrilling to be reminded.

Susan Boyle's gift is an incredible voice and masterful delivery. If you dine with my friend, Sheila, you will be given nourishing, healthy, food that is almost too beautiful to eat. My husband, Sam, just wrote the sweetest song for his guitar teacher entitled Bill and His Birthday Cat. My sister, Barrie, delights children of all ages with stories and puppets. My friend, Gail, takes wonderful photos to share with friends and family. My NIA teacher, Rachael, makes dance class feel like a physical way to worship God/Goddess.

Each of us has something special to share with the world. When I hear Susan Boyle(someone who looks a lot like me) sing I Dreamed A Dream, I'm inspired to keep polishing my own talents. Mastery is an offering.

Is a nagging Inner Critic putting a drag on your energy? Wouldn't it be great to create harmony with all parts of yourself? I invite you to my website Life in the Flow Lane to learn more.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just In Time

This is a post I should have written last week! I want you to know about a fun/inspiring/enlightening opportunity from Heidi Fischbach.

Heidi offers a program called A Month of Living Curiously. I joined up for January and feel I've made a real shift in my life. I became curious about how I feel compelled to read while I eat. But it certainly doesn't have to be about eating. My friend, C. got curious about (oops, that's confidential).

A Month of Living Curiously begins on the first of the month, but you can still join for February if you hurry over to Heidi's place. I'll let her tell you more about it. Here is the link: Or start in March. It's never to late to "get curious for a change."

During the month I alternated between delight in what Heidi was offering and a bit of envy. The good news about that is that I realized she was doing something I longed to do: produce something NEW, something PERSONAL, and something that HELPS TRANSFORM (or soften) those tight spots in our psyches. I'm inviting myself to get curious about how I might manifest that as part of my work in the world. My new website and newsletter is a start. Please visit at


Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Makes a Successful Marriage?

My Dad (Gordon) is having a birthday in a couple of weeks. My Mom (Carolyn) is 6 months older. They have an interesting "tradition." When Mom turns a year older in June, Dad thinks of himself as her age as well. He rounds up. Mother does the opposite. She doesn't think of herself as any older until Dad turns that age. She rounds down. So I guess on January 19 of this year, they'll both be 91.

They've been married 68 years. I asked them the secret of a successful marriage, and I was curious to see if their answers would be radically different. They are opposite Myers-Briggs types. Mother is an ENFP and Dad an ISTJ.

Dad enjoys writing, so he sent his answer by e-mail.

Sharry: With respect to your question about successful marriage I would say the most important thing is to share a similar set of basic values - the values that are most important to you. This still leaves plenty of room for differences in personal interests that are outside of one's core values and beliefs. However, to make this work requires a strong measure of self-confidence on the part of both partners. This leads to a mutual respect for each other's differences in interests and personality traits.

With basic values similar and a generous amount of tolerance existing, each can live his/her life with support and encouragement from the other.

Of course, there are certain people around who should be avoided as marriage partners because of some psychological imbalance. One should recognize these and steer clear of them.

Marriage involves "give and take". Each partner may have to give up a few things in order to take advantage of the good qualities of the other. I have not mentioned "love", but it is one of the basics referred to above.

Remember, I am not a psychologist.
- Love, Dad.

Mother finds it easier to talk about what she thinks and have someone else transcribe. Which I did.

I feel that having the same goals is more important than your personality. Neither one of us wanted fame or fortune.We did want a good living, which means to me, having enough.
We wanted good things for our children.
We've been involved in civic and church organizations which requires
discipline and cooperating with others.
It's important to work through things, the rough spots and differences, rather than just say, "Oh well."
I think it's good to have some life experience before you get married. I lived on my own and worked first.
Gordon and I are opposites astrologically. He is a Capricorn and I'm a Leo. We were a good match because I could dream things up, and he would make them happen.

Writing this brought tears to my eyes. I'm so lucky to have had such good parents and to have them still. I've got a nice photo from my visit with them in September, but instead, I decided to post my favorite one. It's from a few years back, but they still look at each other through loving eyes.