Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lift Off!

As I headed down 505 from Berkeley, California, toward home (Ashland, Oregon) I was pondering whether to stop in Winters, CA, for scrambled eggs. Then I saw the hot air balloons - two of them getting ready for flight. Definitely a sign. I pulled off, took several photos, and found a homey local breakfast spot. The coffee was good. I took a deep breath. The evening before I'd made a huge decision. I am entering the Certified Focusing Professional training, a program that's a bit of a stretch. I know from experience that stretching is helpful for all kinds of tight places, financial, physical, and intellectual. Fortunately I have my Nia dance classes to make it lively.


Lydia said...

You are so fascinating and inspiring! In one paragraph you told so much. I followed both links, and wow: impressive. I think I'd like Nia. But my husband is really stiff in his movements and I think that if we went together I'd feel restricted. No matter, I don't think it's offered in our area. I've seen ads for "Ecstatic Dance" and wonder if that's similar...

Suzann said...

Hello Sharry - I wandered over here from Fran's at Sacred Ordinary - love your spot - I will go look at your other sites too. I just took my first Soul Collage class in May and have been working on my soul collage collection. I am going to put you on my blogroll - please feel free to stop by. I'll see you again. :)

Dorothy said...

Sharry, wonderful photo, great peace is what you exude. My that chemo is over..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to hug gram

sharryb said...

Hello Dear Visitors,
Lydia, estatic dance is different from nia in several ways: estatic dance is mostly free dance and, often, based on the 5 rhythms taught by Gabrille Roth. Nia is more choreographed: I think of it as spiritual aerobics. It's based on several dance forms, martial arts, and healing arts. Check out their website. The originators live in Portland!

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing your cards as the process unfolds for you.

Blessings on finding the peace that will add to your healing. I love your tag line: remember to hug gram!