Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life is pretty darn good

Here is Sam, off on his his radiation treatment! What a guy! He bikes most days to Rogue Valley Medical Center, a 30 mile commute round trip. Fortunately the weather has been just beautiful since he began treatment four weeks ago. I wrote about my worry over all this in an earlier post. Things haven't been perfect, for sure, but he's half finished and still biking.

Plus, I saw something really dear on my walk through Lithia park this morning: a doe with two fawns nursing!


lilalia said...

Well, you have to give him gold stars for effort. I do wish him continued good weather and all the strength needed to get through this arduous time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharry,

You certainly have to admire a guy who can continue to ride his bike to radiation treatments.

I wish him all the luck in the World and hope he continues to improve and feel well.

He is lucky to have such an ardent supporter as you are. You two are like my husband and me. We really need each other.

Lydia said...

I started blogging after your January post but just read the background on Sam's illness. I'm amazed at his bike commute for radiation treatment. Seems to me that he is a poster guy for right attitude under adversity. The sight of the deer in the park was a blessing to you at this time; truly awesome.

sharryb said...

Dear Lilalia, Nancy, and Lydia
Your comments and well wishes are so much appreciated. I told Sam you were all rooting for him.


Anonymous said...

I see deer all the time, fawns, does, and bucks, but to see them nursing would really be a delight.

You go, Sam!

Anonymous said...

How inspiring--simply the attitude involved in biking 30 miles for radiation treatment is an excellent sign for his recovery....