Monday, June 22, 2009


  • I'm on leave. Yes, my posts have become fewer and my visits to other blogs rare. Finally I realized that my involvement with Embodied Life and Focusing have preempted my blog writing/reading time.
  • A year off? Or five years off? I don't know yet. Yet I'm still involved with Embodied Aging because I'm embodied and I'm aging. The SoulCollage card at left seemed an appropriate image to leave for visitors.
Please enjoy the wonderful post by my mother and the one on marriage by both my parents. My mom and dad serve as marvelous models for me as I grow older. They are both 91 and full of interest about the world and fully engaged with their children, grandchildren, and friends.
  • There are fabulous blogs listed on the side bar. Enjoy the entertainment and wisdom you find there.
June 22, 2009


lilalia said...

Sharry, may the time be spent in creative and gentle occupation. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and do hope you will come back soon. Take dear care.

Cynthia said...

Well, I can relate...maybe it's the heat but I've slowed down blogging too. It's a good distraction! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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