Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anything worth doing is worth doing...badly

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Yep, that's my new affirmation. When my inner perfectionist comes up with some admonishment regarding what I'm doing, I just say my affirmation.

This might not work for everyone. I remember a story by my tennis coach, Scott Draper, about 20 years ago. He said that often people will hear something like "people need to keep their racket face open" so they do that. Well, if their racket face is already open, then that won't improve their game at all. It will probably make it worse. The advice about an open racket face is for people whose racket face is closed, eh?

However, if you are someone like me with lots of projects (someone Coach Barbara Sher calls a scanner) then this could do you some real good. Expecting gold stars on everything is crazy making. Doing some activities "badly" leaves you enough time to do them all. Bingo!

Or perhaps you are a One* on the Enneagram, often called The Perfectionist. Try my motto.

*I believe myself to be a Nine with a strong One wing, but I'm a mere dabbler in the Enneagram world. I read several books on the subject, but the one I found most helpful was full of cute cartoons: The Enneagram Made Easy by Elizabeth Wagele. I notice I'm feeling ashamed of this admission. Quick: Anything worth doing is worth doing badly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharry,
I'm intrigued with the soul cards. How big are they? Can I do it at home? Do you have any posts on the making of them? I already do some collage and have recently felt inspired to use collage with some of my shortest poems for possible framing. This idea converged when I started to wonder why my artist friends sell their art but my poet friends do not often sell poems.

I'm a classic 5. No question. I have learned more about myself through the enneagram than any other system.

sharryb said...

Hi Colleen,
SoulCollage cards are 5 X 8. While working in a group is delightful, you can make them at home easily. The concept was developed by Seena Frost and her book, SoulCollage, is great. It would be all you need to make cards on your own. Anne Marie Bennett has a great website that also gives full information on card making. I have a link to her site on the side bar. One stipulation regarding SoulCollage is that the cards are not sold, traded, or bartered. They are to be done for self-discovery.

I'm sure my husband, Sam, is a 5. I'm learning to live with that (it's only been 10 years!)

Anonymous said...

My husband is a 1 with a strong 9 wing. Thanks for the answer. I'm thinking of collaging my small poetry for framing, but the soul cards I have seen are really inspiring me.

Jerry in Tampa said...

AWESOME blog Sharry!

Hello, Michele sent me. And I will be back!!!