Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Guest blogger: My mom!

Dear Sharry. I like your new blog.

I would like to add a few thoughts that I have at age 90.
Don't live in the past or look too far into your future.
Do not dwell on what you could do in the past that you can no longer do.
Do what you can do and realize how blessed you are.
Try to keep up with changes in the world.
Realize that change will come and try to adjust to change.
Dealing with loss is another MUST!
Look out beyond self and try to do something for someone else.
I am sure there are many more truths but these are a few I have found to be helpful.

Love Mother

Some notes on this SoulCollage card. The photos are of my mother, of course. In the bottom left she is pregnant with me. One of her son-in-laws dubbed her the Texas Tornado, but in my experience her energy produced much more beauty than mayhem.
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Rick Hamrick said...

What a wonderful note, Sharry! Thanks for sharing your mom's wisdom.

My father-in-law is 87, and he made his accommodation with the world of computers, his way--he has one of those strange Microsoft boxes (used to be called WebTV) because he decided he did not want to learn how to use a PC.

He sends email and visits his favorite websites, and he presses on from one day to the next. He loves his life.

I know how much he misses his wife of over 60 years who passed two years ago because he willingly talks about her, and he tears up from time to time. He never seems embarrassed by it, either. I am so proud to be his son in law...and I miss her, too, even though I only knew her a few years.

Cheryl Finley said...

Oh my Sharry, what beautiful wisdom from your mother. Wow, I can relate to ALL of them, and right now the one that says "If you can't do what you used to do...get over it!" ...my paraphrase of course. All of her wisdom seeds are appreciated. Thank you! ...and her : ) What wondrous photos these are of her too!

I love this blog...and the picture of you atop the mail box...just priceless!..and so apropo! Thank you for sharing your lovely, and loving life, Sharry.

Pearl said...

Wonderful to hear words of wisdom from someone who has taken the time to consider what works over the years.

Jerry in Tampa said...

Sharry - what a special post! Thanks for sharing your mom with us and thanks to your Mom for such wise advise! You have a wonderful blog!

Jerry in Tampa

Anonymous said...

What a wise mom you have and how fortunate you are to still have her at age 90. I'm sure her way of thinking has a lot to do with her longevity.

Lydia said...

I love your mother's wisdom and that she took to the new technology to share it in a blog forum. That's truly special. This makes me miss my mama so much...

cheryl said...

Dear Sharry,
I'm back again...and feel like I've found a treasure with your mother's wisdom - and how funny to see that I commented on it 2 years ago! It was meant for me to revisit. I am grateful for what she's shared..I needed to be reminded of them all.

much love to you...