Friday, January 29, 2010

My Hero

Dear Reader,

I don't usually say that I have heroes. I admire people. I like people. I even love lots of people. But heroes? I would usually say, "I can't really think of anyone."

But recently I found mention of a book: I Am The Central Park Jogger, and remembered I do have a hero! I immediately checked out the book at the Ashland Library.

Many of you may remember reading, in April of 1989, of The Central Park Jogger's successful struggle to stay alive after a brutal beating in Central Park in New York. I read of her success at returning to work, her courage in taking the stand at the contentious trial of her alleged attackers.

I think it was her refusal to die, her refusal to be apathetic in the face of tremendous challenges that made her a hero to me. She inspired me to take my own life more seriously, to recognize the preciousness of life and the courage and effort it can sometimes require to choose hope and possibility (the subtitle of the book). Reading Trisha's book (that's her name: Trisha Meili) really deepened my admiration and renewed my own commitment to choose Life.

Her privacy now seems less important to her than telling her story of recovery and growth. What a gift to us all. Someone saying, "This is what I experienced, and I'm okay."

Many, many thanks, Trisha. Reading your story reminds me that "being okay" is a choice. It's a choice I can make in the face of a aching knee or a hurting heart or just a "boring" wait in the grocery line.



Anonymous said...
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naomi dagen bloom said...

Sherry, it's been long time since my last visit--and now I've moved not too far from you: Portland. I'll be checking back to read more about what you're deciding is your next direction.