Friday, January 1, 2010

What Should I Do With My Life?

Well, my sabbatical has been cut short. I just have too much to say! I really miss having a place to rave about my latest LOVE - book, idea, website, etc. For example, the book I just finished by Po Bronson entitled What Should I Do With My Life? It is fascinating series of interviews with folks who asked themselves that profound question. Bronson tells us their stories, along with his own.

My favorite story was the last one about Deni Leonard, a Native American born on the Warm Springs tribal lands here in Oregon.

To quote Po Bronson regarding Leonard:

"He's spawning an entire parallel economy, using sources of capital you didn't
know existed, building factories and power plants you'll never see, onland
and in neighborhoods you'll never do to. and selling the output to
customers youdidn't know were buying. If it continues to grow according to
plan, it will slow or reverse the migration away from will
diversify Native Americans away from their reliance on gambling
will restore lost will bring jobs to inner will
teach young people will give tribes an identity they can
be proud of. "

I was so inspired by this one man enterprise that I googled Deni Leonard. I wanted to know how things were turning out. Yikes! According the San Francisco Chronicle Leonard's company(s) had gone under. This doesn't make Bronson's book irrelevant. Things change. Perhaps Deni Leonard is starting this new decade asking "What should I do with my life?"


colleen said...

I love your enthusiasm. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

same here ! just googled deni leonard and was surprised to read the bad press.

just shows: heroes have feet of clay

turna said...

Hi Sharry,
That story was also the most striking for me. I was about the approach Deni Leonard as a future mentor but the consequence of the story has been very disappointing. Besides the article, there is official SEC reports online.
Best regards
Husnu Ada